Car for Esztergom’s Vaszary Kolos Hospital

Health care services provided by Esztergom’s Vaszary Kolos Hospital will, from now on, be helped by a Suzuki automobile. The key of the brand new, 1.6-liter, petrol-fuelled SX4 S-CROSS was presented by Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s deputy CEO Dr. László Urbán, to president-head surgeon of the Hospital, Dr. Gábor Kanász.

Besides its business activity, social responsibility has been a priority for Magyar Suzuki Corporation since its foundation, especially in the area surrounding the plant, and in the Esztergom region. From the very start, MSC has cooperated with the actors of its cultural, social and economic environment, as the company considers that commitment to its employees, customers and the local community is an investment that pays off richly, and in long term, it adds significantly to the company’s competitiveness and sustainability.


A SX4 S-CROSS donated by Magyar Suzuki will, from now on, help Esztergom’s Vaszary Kolos Hospital in its everyday activity. “The car will primarily be used for everyday transport tasks related to patient care”, said head of the hospital Dr. Gábor Kanász, anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist.


Suzuki vehicles help the everyday work of many foundations and associations, including the National Association of Social Organizations and Foundations in the Service of the Mentally Handicapped; Lifeline Foundation for the Homeless; the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service; and the Esztergom fireguard unit of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management.