Green Procurement Guideline

Thanks to the investments and measures carried out in 2019 at Magyar Suzuki Corporation, the following energy savings have been realized:

Electricity savings:

Replacement of machines, equipment with more energy efficient types: 151,000 kWh/year
Optimization of machine operation and technological processes: 176,000 kWh/year
Rationalization of transformer operation: 133,000 kWh/year
Optimization of workplace lighting: 16,000 kWh/year
Applying inverter drives in technological equipment: 50,000 kWh/year
Rationalization of technological cooling: 240,000 kWh/year

Total: 766 000 kWh/year

Natural gas savings:

Replacement of the steam-boiler burner with a more energy efficient type: 87,200 Nm3/year
Optimization of technological processes: 12 500 Nm3/year

Total: 99 700 Nm3/year


Total savings realized in 2019:  1 850 030 kWh/year