Environmental policy

Magyar Suzuki Corporation (MSC) manufactures cars in Hungary as a main activity, from the metal stamping of the body parts to the whole car assembly.

MSC is directly responsible for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the current state of environment, and it considers environmental protection as an integral part of the development process.
MSC is aware of the relevant environmental legislation and other regulations, and carries out its activities in accordance with them.

Fully aware of its responsibility for the environment, MSC undertakes the following:

1. To reduce direct emissions:

- MSC’s strategic target is to achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2050! In order to achieve this, we are already preparing an implementation schedule and implementing projects until 2030.
- MSC keeps the level of VOC (organic solvents) air pollutants safely below the 45 g/m2 according to the laws, searching new technological opportunities MSC make efforts to minimize the use of solvents.
- MSC is looking for solutions to reduce the volume of hazardous waste per units.
- Before emissions MSC continuously controls the quality of treated waste water and the rainwater collected from the factory area.
- Meet the requirements of BAT and develop the technology accordingly.
- The low CO2 emission of production models and other types of new technical solutions show the environmental awareness of the company.

2. To reduce indirect environmental risks:

- For disposal of hazardous waste – in order to dispose of the waste in the most appropriate way - MSC prefers companies who have their own dangerous waste incinerator or landfills, and have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 or EMAS certificates.
- Encourages and expects from suppliers to increase their environmental protection performance.

3. Supervision:

- MSC sends the data of the continuous VOC (organic solvent) measuring instruments installed at the major emission points online to the competent environmental protection authority.
- Based on air protection legislation, MSC monitors the spread and the affected area of emitted organic pollutants (VOC), taking responsibility of environmental impacts to Esztergom city and its surroundings.



4. To preserve natural resources:

- MSC pays special attention to contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse effect directly and indirectly by reducing its energy consumption.
- MSC contributes to the protection of underground water reserves by optimizing the industrial water consumption.
- MSC makes every effort to increase the quantity of recyclable waste and minimize the quantity of non-recyclable waste to landfill.
- In line with legislative options, MSC examines the possibility of reclassification of certain waste to secondary raw material, so they become available for sale.
- MSC looks for the opportunities and ways to utilize renewable energy resources.

5. To comply with legal regulations:

- MSC performs all activities in a law-abiding manner in compliance with current Hungarian and international regulations.
- MSC places a high priority on compliance with the requirements of the scrap car ELV regulations for manufactures by continuously improvement of recovery rate included in it.
- MSC complies with regulations regarding the use of hazardous substances in connection with the REACH regulation.

6. For communication:

- MSC informs suppliers and the subcontractors working at MSC’s area about its commitment to environmental protection and requires them to cooperate in keeping to the principles of environmental management system.
- In case of management approval MSC prepares and issues a simplified environmental report, wich reinforces the company’s CSR activities.

7. For environmental awareness:

- MSC trains and encourages employees to work in full accordance with the Environmental Policy. They are expected to think and act in an environmentally conscious approach even outside the workplace.

8. Revision of Environmental Policy:

- In case of significant changes have to review the Environmental Policy.

Esztergom, November, 2022.

Masato Atsumi
Managing Director
Magyar Suzuki Corporation