Disposal network

End-of-life car disposal network


In accordance with the ELV (End-of-Life Vehicle) regulations in force in Hungary, and cooperating with our contracted partners, we established an end-of-life vehicle disposal network. The network consists of accredited collection and dismantling points, as spelled out in the relevant rules of law.


The end-of-life car disposal network serves the last owners of any Suzuki model. The network takes any Suzuki model, when it reaches the end of its life cycle free of charge from its last owner, if the vehicle was officially cleared for traffic in Hungary.


The lists are updated regularly and was last updated in March, 2015.

Download the list in pdf format (147 KB)

Disposal is not free of charge if

  • the end-of-life vehicle was not cleared for traffic under the Hungarian law;
  • the end-of-life vehicle was cleared for traffic under the Hungarian law less then a month prior to the intended disposal;
  • the end-of-life vehicle does not have all the basic units and parts, such as the body, chassis, engine, gear-shift, steering wheel unit, catalyser, electric function controls, etc.;
  • the end-of-life vehicle contains additional waste;
  • the end-of-life vehicle is disposed of without documents;
  • the end-of-life vehicle is in the M1 or N1 category, but was not mass-produced, and was cleared for traffic individually.


The M1 category

Vehicles with a minimum of 4 wheels, with an engine, designed and built for passenger transport, with up to 8 seats above the driver’s seat.


The N1 category

Vehicles with a minimum of 4 wheels, with an engine, designed and built for freight transport, weighing up to 3.5 metric tons.


When you dispose of your end-of-life vehicle at our disposal points, you will receive a Disposal for Dismantling Certificate (“Bontási átvételi igazolás”). You will need this certificate for having your car deleted from the registry.


If you have questions or want to find out more about our ELV system, please do not hesitate to contact us.