In accordance with the philosophy and code of conduct of the Suzuki parent company, it is a fundamental aim of Magyar Suzuki to make the experience of safe driving available to as many people as possible. Therefore, be it the manufacturing processes, reliable vehicles, or road traffic safety, Suzuki is constantly working to achieve the highest level of safety. With the help of our employees and partners, we regularly optimize our workflows. Since the beginning, our company has been collaborating with several regional associations to educate people about road traffic safety.

Tiny Suzukis help children learn to drive in Esztergom

Magyar Suzuki Corporation delivers custom-made mini cars to support the road safety education of children from 6 to 12 years of age. The mini Vitara models, specifically manufactured for this purpose, will be first available to elementary students in the Children’s Car Traffic Park of Esztergom, opening on the 30th of March. The aim of this local initiative is to enable the youngest generation to acquire the essential traffic and accident prevention skills.


Motor racing for safe traffic

Suzuki Warns About the Importance of Careful Road Traffic Together with Police, Civil Guard, Ambulance. Accident Prevention Committee of Szentendre and Police-office of Esztergom highlighted the importance of safe road traffic with a charity motor racing tour and a family safety day by the River Danube. The patron of the One Day, One Road! educational programme was Magyar Suzuki Corporation. The event was realised in co-operation with the Police, Civil Guards, the Ambulance and civilians.


Airbags exploded on Széchenyi Square in Esztergom

Suzuki held a Road and Traffic Safety Day on the main square of the city co-organized by the National Police, the Fire Department of Esztergom and other organizations, on Friday. The event raised awareness of safe car and bicycle traffic as well as fire prevention with spectacular presentations, films and lectures.


Suzuki, police jointly help drivers get ready for winter

Esztergom residents and people just driving by can have their cars checked free of charge at three locations to see whether they meet requirements for driving in winter. Police’s road traffic experts will also call drivers’ attention to problems that would carry a fine in roadside checks. Launched jointly by Suzuki and the Komárom-Esztergom County Police, the campaign aims to improve road traffic safety in the region.