Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities


We are responsible for many things, but most of all, for one another – for our fellow-humans who live their lives with a disadvantage. We, at Magyar Suzuki Corporation do our very best to ensure equal opportunities, and eliminate inequality. We consider equally important, and therefore specifically imperative to support, the further improvement of opportunities and chances for those who are at disadvantage. With our help they can prove that they can live a full life, in happiness. No aim can be more important for us than that.


In the last few years our Corporate Social Responsibility activities have included support for the following institutes and foundations:


Helping Partner Foundation

Based in Nyergesújfalu, the foundation helps special needs children and their families. The foundation organizes programs, holds therapeutic sessions, and provides mental and physical help for the children and their families to live with their special needs, illness or condition and to solve everyday situations. In 2013 Magyar Suzuki Corporation donated funds for the foundation.


National Ambulance Service

Within the framework of our 2013 charity activity, Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s employees also had the opportunity to contribute to the purchase of equipment – a breathing monitor – for the Esztergom ambulance station.


Association of the Relatives of People with Memory Disorders (Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders)

Each November, on the anniversary of Ferenc Puskás’s death, the association organizes a charity memorial concert to support people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.