The competitiveness and success of our company as well as the country is defined by the existence of adequate and qualified workforce. We are responsible for sharing the knowledge we have with younger generations, who can enhance the professionalism, continuous development, and success of our company and the industrial sector as such. For this reason, the long-term aim of Magyar Suzuki Corporation is to cooperate with national and regional educational institutions and local vocational schools that serve the supply of our Hungarian engineering and technical professional team.


22nd International Energy and Innovation Forum

Sustainability and the potential of green solutions are becoming an increasingly important issue today. Not only because global climate change is sending us urgent signs for a change, but also because people around the world are facing new challenges that have never been seen before. The online conference therefore focuses on technological solutions in the context of carbon-free and renewable energy production that could serve as a flagship initiative for an innovative, smart and sustainable future.

Hungarian Association for Innovation

The Scientific and Innovation Talent Recruitment Contest for Youth is organized every time in accordance with the objectives and rules of EU competitions. The aim of the organizers is to contribute to the development of promising young talents, and to bring young people's attention to science, technology and research and development. 

Pre-schoolers can be life savers

Children's education cannot start early enough. In this program, 5-6-year old children learn how to recognize an emergency and if someone is unconscious how to call the ambulance. The program takes place in the kindergartens of Esztergom.