Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Magyar Suzuki Corporation, in the course of its business activity, has paid great attention to social responsibility since its foundation. The company is committed to helping the players of its cultural, social and economic environment, since being committed towards employees, business partners, customers, and local communities is a good investment and contributes to the competitiveness and sustainability of the company in the long term.

Airbags exploded on Széchenyi Square in Esztergom

Suzuki held a Road and Traffic Safety Day on the main square of the city co-organized by the National Police, the Fire Department of Esztergom and other organizations, on Friday. The event raised awareness of safe car and bicycle traffic as well as fire prevention with spectacular presentations, films and lectures.

In his opening speech, the newly appointed Managing Director of the Esztergom Suzuki plant, Yoshinobu Abe said the main purpose of the event was to put Suzuki’s “Safety first!” philosophy into practice. The head of the company also emphasized that as of 2005 all Suzuki cars produced in Esztergom have been rated 5- star in the EURNCAP qualifying system which monitors car safety. The Esztergom plant supplies 102 countries worldwide with locally manufactured cars.

Among the programs of the Road and Traffic Safety Day the airbag explosion demo was a twice recurring motive: The technicians used a Suzuki SX4 S-Cross to demonstrate how the front-, side-, knee- and side curtain airbags work – all part of the basic seven airbags in Suzuki cars.

The key events of the day were the accident and rescue simulation programs, during which car wrecks, volunteers, as well as members and vehicles of the police, the fire fighters and the ambulance demonstrated the causes for car accidents and the consequences thereof.


Suzuki Kindergarten Day

9th October, 2015

At the invitation of Magyar Suzuki Corporation, middle and upper group children from Budapest’s Under the Rainbow International Pre-School and Kindergarten visited Esztergom. Magyar Suzuki organized the Esztergom kindergarten day with the motto “I am learning about myself, learning about you, we are learning about each other”, creating an opportunity for children from different cultural backgrounds to play and participate in creative activities together, and for teachers to exchange practical and theoretical experience.

Esztergom Health Day

13th June, 2015

Trash Collection Campaign

18th April, 2015

”Ready for Winter?”

22nd November, 2014