Team SUZUKI ECSTAR has today presented its new MotoGPTM project at the Sepang International Circuit as a foreword to the kick-off for the season, which officially starts tomorrow with the first IRTA test of the year here in Malaysia.

The Japanese team, led by Davide Brivio as Team Manager, Satoru Terada as Project Leader and Ken Kawauchi as Technical Manager, will begin the third season in the top category of motorcycling. After two seasons of creation, hard work and development, 2017 will be a crucial exercise in which Team SUZUKI ECSTAR seeks to become one of the best teams in the World Championship.

Pursuing that goal this year, it has renewed its line-up of riders with the acquisition of the Italian Andrea Iannone and young Spaniard Alex Rins, coming from the Moto2 category. The GSX-RR 1000 will be contending among the top machines of the world again with a good basis and many improvements Suzuki wants to enhance the performance.

Iannone, born in Vasto (Italy) 28 years ago, debuted in the premier class in 2013 with the Ducati Pramac and from the beginning he showed his credentials with an extreme, aggressive and exuberant ride that served him well, respect of his rivals and this permitted him to be amongst the fastest riders in the world. Four years later, and after winning his first race in the category last year in Austria, Team SUZUKI ECSTAR wants to be the launch pad for Andrea to aim for new targets and to be able to regularly fight with the top riders for podium positions.

On the other side of the box will be Rins, a 21-year-old Barcelona teenager who begins his adventure among the world's best motorcycle riders. With a natural talent for riding, and several times as a runner-up in the lower-class categories, Rins looks to 2017 as a year of learning in the premier class to get the experience to fight for higher goals in the coming years.

Team SUZUKI ECSTAR, based in Hamamatsu city, is one of the most popular teams in the MotoGP category. The racing history of the Japanese factory is a tale of success from the 70’s when legendary British rider Barry Sheene achieved his first 500cc crown in 1976. Then the legacy was taken by other famous names such as Marco Lucchinelli, Franco Uncini, Kevin Schwantz and Kenny Roberts Jr. who added a total of six 500cc titles. The very latest success happened last year when the team scored victory at Silverstone in the UK.



Team: Suzuki Ecstar
Bike: Suzuki GSX-RR 1000cc
Nationality: Italian
Birth place: Vasto (Italy)
Weight: 67 kg
Height: 178 cm
1st Grand Prix:: MotoGP (QAT 2013)/ Moto2 (QAT 2010)/ 125cc (SPA 2005)
1st Pole Position:: MotoGP (ITA 2005)/ Moto2 (ITA 2010)/ 125cc (MAL 2008)
1st Race Fastest Lap:: MotoGP (USA 2015)/ Moto2 (ITA 2010)/ 125cc (JPN 2009)
1st Podium:: MotoGP (QAT 2015)/ Moto2 (ITA 2010)/ 125cc (CHN 2008)
1st GP Victory:: MotoGP (AUT 2016)/ Moto2 (ITA (2010)/ 125cc (CHN 2008)
GP Victories:: MotoGP (1)/ Moto2 (6)/ 125cc (0) = 13
GP 2nd Positions:: MotoGP (1)/ Moto2 (6)/ 125cc (0) = 7
GP 3rd Positions:: MotoGP ( 5)/ Moto2 (5)/ 125cc (1) = 11
GP Podiums:: MotoGP (7)/ Moto2 (19)/ 125cc (5) = 31
GP Pole Positions:: MotoGP (2)/ Moto2 (5)/ 125cc (3) = 10
Race Fastest Laps:: MotoGP (3)/ Moto2 (13)/ 125cc (1) = 17
World Championship Wins: MotoGP (0)/ Moto2 (0)/ 125cc (0)



Team: Suzuki Ecstar
Bike: Suzuki GSX-RR 1000cc
Nationality: Spanish
Birth place: Barcelona (Spain)
Date of birth: 08/Dec/1995
Weight: 65 kg
Height: 176 cm
1st Grand Prix:: Moto2 (QAT 2015)/ Moto3 (QAT 2012)
1st Pole Position:: Moto2 (FRA 2015)/ Moto3 (SPA 2012)
1st Race Fastest Lap:: Moto2 (SPA 2015)/ Moto3 (RSM 2012)
1st Podium:: Moto2 (USA 2015)/ Moto3 (FRA 2012)
1st GP Victory:: Moto2 (USA 2015)/ Moto3 (USA (2013)
GP Victories:: Moto2 (4)/ Moto3 (8) = 12
GP 2nd Positions:: Moto2 (8)/ Moto3 (7) = 15
GP 3rd Positions:: Moto2 (5)/ Moto3 (8) = 13
GP Podiums:: Moto2 (17)/ Moto3 (23) = 40
GP Pole Positions:: Moto2 (4)/ Moto3 (13) = 17
Race Fastest Laps:: Moto2 (7)/ Moto3 (5) = 12
World Championship Wins: Moto2 (0)/ Moto3 (0)