SUZUKI WORLD RECORD DAY - 9th of June at Hungaroring

The official Facebook page of the event is available on the link below.

The SUZUKI WORLD RECORD DAY will be on Saturday, 9th of June, at the HUNGARORING racetrack again: participation in the programmes is only allowed with Suzuki motorbikes, and if brand owners get together and join efforts, the world record attempt will be successful. The aim is to have the largest possible number of Suzuki motorbike owners at the event. The world record attempt starts at 13 am sharp, so make sure you arrive on time for registration. At the world record attempt, all Suzuki motorbike owners will enter the racetrack at Hungaroring together and ride for at least 3.2 km.

This means that on this unique occasion, at this special moment in the history of the Hungaroring racetrack, all Suzuki motorbike owners will ride together at the same time. With all the motorbikes participating, a former record, when 915 motorbikes covered a 2-miles distance at a Suzuki event in Belgium, will be surpassed. To take part in the world record attempt, you need to register in advance:

Link to registration 

To take part in the world record attempt and the programmes, you need to ride a Suzuki motorbike and register in advance. Online registration will be available from 6:00 pm on 24th of May. Please note that you will have to confirm your registration at the event. To register for the world record attempt and the programmes, you need to have a Suzuki motorbike with a valid registration certificate (number plate). The online registration is mandatory just for the participation in the advanced riding trainings and track riding. You don’t need registration if you come only to the world record attempt.

Just like at the Motofest, other programmes will be available at this special event: in addition to the world record attempt, we will have free track riding and track riding with a pace car, advanced riding trainings and many other tempting programmes and surprises for everyone who joins us on 9th of June 2018.

All programmes of the whole-day event are FREE for Suzuki motorbike owners and visitors. A separate parking area will be designated for those who arrive by any other vehicle than a Suzuki motorbike, since only Suzuki motorbikes can participate in the record attempt and the venues of the event.

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Every driver arriving with a Suzuki motorcycle shall fill in a Registration form and a Statement of liability. At the registration stall (in the parking lot) the registration process finishes, and a wristband is handed over that qualifies the owner for entering the racetrack of Hungaroring. The passengers to participate the Guinness Record attempt shall fill in the same registration form, and receive a passenger wristband. To support the fluency of the registration process you are advised to bring the documents mentioned above printed and completed.