Introduced the New Suzuki V-Strom 1050/XT

The new Suzuki V-Strom 1050 model was formally unveiled at the EICMA International Motorcycle Show. The new model will be available in 2 variants from early next year.

The exciting styling of the adventure bikes proudly harks back to the legendary DR Big and DR-Z models, while offering a wide range of accessories and dozens of optional extras besides the 3 different colour schemes each model comes in.

The distinguishing beak design first adopted by Suzuki stays true to Suzuki’s heritage, while also modernising the design to be more aggressive and bolder for the new generation V-Strom. The 1037 ccm V-Twin engine has been upgraded and can now pump out 106 horsepower to conquer mountaintops, while meeting the EURO5 environmental standards. Built for conquering endless roads and carrying its riders into their most daring adventures; integrating cutting edge technological solutions with its brushed-up design elements, this bike is destined to take a distinguished position among touring bikes.

The New V-Strom 1050/XT, equipped with a lavish array of accessories combined with the sophistication of tradition, makes our model range even more varied, while offering a variety of new technologies for the most adventurous of bikers. Facing our most extreme challenges is now supported by an impressive list of extras for convenience and safety. The new models come with a number of accessories and a lot more extras; a total of 58 accessories and convenience items can be found on the Accessory List.

The aluminium frame and swinging arm provide for an easy ride off-road, while ensuring a sporty driving experience from start to maximum speed. The KYB inverted front forks are fully adjustable, enabling adjustments to the suspension depending on the rider’s preference or the circumstances and conditions of use.

The comfy seats of the V-Strom1050/XT make for a less tiring ride even if it is a longer one. Indeed, the height of the seat on the XT version can even be adjusted by 20 mm.

The 20-litre fuel tank lets you cover more than 400 km without having to stop by a petrol station. Its standard components include a USB charger, while the XT version also features a 12 V DC socket for charging or powering any suitable electrical device.

Each model comes with LED lights. The XT is also equipped with LED indicator lights, and the height of the Plexiglas windshield is adjustable in a 50-mm range without any tool.

 The multi-functional LCD display provides the rider with all of the necessary information, showing all relevant details in a clear and intuitive form.

The 3-way drive mode controller (SDMS) provides the driver with three different engine characteristics. The operating mode and the necessary settings can be conveniently adjusted with a switch on the left-hand side of the handlebar.  The XT version features cruise control to make long and less eventful parts of your journey even more comfortable.

Suzuki’s Intelligent Ride System (SIRS) comprises a host of control systems so that they provide you with the highest possible safety and the comfortable control of your machine. Our new generation XT bikes feature such high profile developments as the Hill Hold Control System, applying the rear brake automatically for 30 seconds when you stop on an upward slope, to prevent the vehicle from rolling back and also helping the rider to start safely and comfortably uphill.

Another new feature is the Slope Dependent Control System that keeps monitoring the position of the vehicle rolling downhill. When applying the brakes the electronic control unit modulates the braking power to keep both wheels firmly on the ground. Also onboard is a Load Dependent Control System, providing optimal braking in response to load conditions. The ABS offers 2 modes, with different levels of intervention.

The XT is enriched by additional extras such as the centre stand, hand guards, aluminium skid plate and the crash bar to which even a box set and a fog light may be added as further extras.

V-Strom 1050XT comes in the following colour schemes:

- Champion Yellow
- Brilliant White / Glass Blaze Orange (HERITAGE SPECIAL)
- Glass Sparkle Black  

V-Strom 1050 comes in the following colour schemes:
- Glass Sparkle Black / Pearl Brilliant White
- Glass Sparkle Black / Solid Iron Gray
- Glass Sparkle Black

Moreover, for those fans still waiting for the colour design best matching their individual styles, here are some of Suzuki’s colour designs to be brought out next year.

A true sports roadster, the GSX-S1000 will also be available with a new silver-grey finish in our 2020 portfolio.

The apex predator GSX-S750 will also come in a double white-red finish in our 2020 range.

The classic SV650 will be brought out in a new silver-grey base colour and with a blue frame, and we are also bringing back the full black version.

The sporty SV650X, representing the café-racer category, will be on sale in black with brown sewn seats in 2020.

The popular adventure touring model V-STROM 650 XT will be on the market in black with gold anodised wheels, as well as in blue, in 2020.

Our smart urban scooter, the ADDRESS 110 will also be available in a dark blue colour in 2020.