Official Suzuki Marine Dealership


The Suzuki Marine products are imported to Hungary by Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd., whose official domestic sales channel is the Official Suzuki Marine Dealer Network, available at For purchases from any other source we exclude liability for full compliance with the guarantee terms; compliance with the quality, specifications and trim levels, and compliance and existence of official marks, as well as for the existence of the trim level and supplementary parts related to the products! Please consider this in due time before making a purchase from doubtful or unreliable sources that fail to provide all of the above parameters: these are guaranteed by our domestic importer Dealership network!


Sadly, Suzuki Marine products from doubtful sources are, on numerous occasions and in many ways, copies; their trim levels are modified, many times their elements, parts, specifications, compliance and official marks are incomplete and/or prove to falsified; their quality is sometimes inadequate, and have limited or no warranty service!

YOU DECIDE - we deliver FOR SURE!

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