The history of Suzuki outboard motors

 We made our first outboard motor in 1965, so in 2015 we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of our D55 type engine. We have come a long way since then and today our four-stroke outboards are unrivaled on the market. Our engineers are passionate about boating and willing to devote very long hours to perfecting our four-stroke outboards, so that our products enable you to maximize your time on the water. From the light, transportable DF2.5 to the most powerful DF300AP, we have the right outboard for every requirement and style.


We launched our very first outboard, the D55.


Suzuki began exporting outboards.


The outboard motor assembly facility at Toyokawa was completed and production began in May.


Suzuki was the first to invent an oil injection system for outboards, and it introduced the DT85OI, DT115OI and DT140OI oil injection models.


The DT150 and DT200, our first V6 outboards, were launched.


The DT200 Exanté was the first Suzuki outboard to win the National Marine Manufacturers Association's (NMMA) Innovation award.


The DT90 and DT100 V4 Suzuki outboard motors were launched.


The DT225 V6 joined the family. Electronic fuel injection was first used on the DT225.


The DF9.9 and DF15, our first four-stroke outboards, came online.


We introduced the DF40 and DF50, our first DOHC four-stroke outboards with 4 valves per cylinder. The DF40 and DF50 won the “Innovation Award” of the International Marine Trades Exposition and Convention (IMTEC), and that made Suzuki the first manufacturer to receive this award two years running.


The DF50AV/60AV "High Energy Rotation" models made their appearance. The newest models, the DF150TG and 175TG appeared on our outboard market.


Nearing our 50th anniversary the driving force behind our company continues to be our way of challenging ourselves, meeting those challenges, and innovating.


DF175AP/DF150AP, the first models in their class to integrate regular and counter rotations of propeller.


Suzuki Motor Corporation has unveiled the DF350A flagship outboard, which has realized horsepower of 350PS, the maximum output in Suzuki’s lineup of outboards.


DF90AWQH was developed to meet the demand of commercial fishing. It is the first Cargo series model which is Suzuki's first commercial series.

With the rich history of 100 years, and the experience and knowledge of automobile, motorcycle, and outboard motor development, Suzuki has come to provide technology and service unprecedented in the marine business.Combined with the “Yaramaika” spirit, Suzuki has grown to create innovation and satisfaction to customers around the world.

*IBEX: 16th International BoatBuilders' Exhibition and Conference
*NMMA: National Marine Manufacturers' Association

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