Magyar Suzuki draws attention to the protection of our waters with an outdoor installation

Until the end of September, a special photo installation will be on display in Erzsébet Park in Esztergom, with which Magyar Suzuki draws attention to the preservation of the purity of our waters. The 12 photos of the public space artwork – evoking the photographic history of the picture taking methods – are illuminated by the light of the sun. Thus, the installation is conveying the unparalleled beauty of nature along the river Danube through creating contrasting atmosphere at different times of the day and besides varying weather conditions.

Magyar Suzuki asked the architectural firm Paradigma Ariadné to the design work of the “Our common treasure: the Danube”. The photos were taken by nature photographer Attila Gulyás. The designers were inspired by the classical methods of photographic history, such as the light cone and the camera obscura – it is these picture taking methods the pyramid, opened from below and turned to the edge evokes. 12 photographs taken on the Hungarian section of the Danube were placed on the front of the installation. The red-painted plank of the pyramid follows the color of the coat of arms of Esztergom, while the driftwood supporting the pyramid pays homage to the river. The photos are printed on a plexiglass sheet that allows the light of the sun to filter through, so the work conveys a contrasting atmosphere and spectacle at different times of the day and in varying weather conditions.

“With the installation planned at Erzsébet Park, we wanted to expand the genre boundaries of the public space exhibition. The goal was to pull the users of the city's public spaces out of their usual routine with a work that immediately attracts attention, arouses curiosity, but is not alienated from its surroundings” – highlighted Attila Csóka, the architect of Paradigma Ariadné, a regular participant in international architectural exhibitions and biennials, at the opening event.

The choice of Attila Gulyás as a photographer was justified by the same experimental approach as that of the designers. He loves to look for geometric shapes and rhythms in his photos. When taking the pictures, he sought to explore random places in order to show the unknown wonders of the floodplains and bays along the Danube by.

Cluso Creative Agency was responsible for the message and creative concept of the exhibition. The Danube Museum provided professional assistance in compiling its textual information.

Zsuzsanna Bonnár-Csonka, Head of Corporate Communication at Magyar Suzuki Corporation emphasized the role of the Esztergom company. „Our parent company, Suzuki Motor Corporation, has been traditionally doing a lot to protect the Earth's waters. Launched more than ten years ago, the international Clean Up the World initiative started in Japan is aiming for the purity of waters. Joining the international project, our marine division recently got the Esztergom Palatinus Lake shore clean from a container of waste. With the installation, our goal is to raise awareness and make as many people as possible aware of our common responsibility to protect our waters and our environment.”

The “Our common treasure: the Danube” installation and exhibition can be visited from 25 May to the end of September in the Esztergom Erzsébet Park. After disassembling, the creators are going to recycle the materials used.