Suzuki Motor Corporation has been present in Hungary since 1991 manufacturing small- and medium-sized vehicles for the domestic and the international market for over 20 years now. After the regime change, Magyar Suzuki Corporation was the first company to restart passenger car production in Hungary, and it is now one of the country's leading automotive companies.

Suzuki Group’s main operational values are the same in Hungary as in Japan—providing high-quality products tailored to the customer’ needs, creating a business atmosphere that focuses on constant innovation, acknowledging the importance of teamwork, and continuously improving ourselves.

To achieve our objectives, that is, to manufacture motor vehicles of the highest quality, utmost diligence and thoroughness in our work is a must—and workforce, expertise and technology are our most important assets.

All employees must share the same level of commitment to quality work, continuous self-improvement and innovation.
We are, therefore, looking for people who will become our most talented and dedicated colleagues, and who will join us in delivering products and services of outstanding standards and quality to our customers.

Besides a stable and secure job, we also provide newcomers with diverse training opportunities to foster their continuous personal improvement, so that they can meet the most difficult professional challenges posed by the rapidly evolving scene of automotive technologies, and the key competences required for our work.

If you would like to join one of the largest companies in Hungary, and if you think you have what it takes to be an integral member of our team, be sure to follow our career portal, learn more about us, and join us so that together we can produce Suzuki vehicles that are renowned for their quality worldwide.

Human Resources and General Affairs Department