• Suzuki Announces the Financial Results for FY2015 Second Quarter (April 2015 to September 2015)
    November 04. 2015

    - Increased sales and income (record-high in each income)

    - Interim cash dividends up by ¥5.00 per share

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  • Vitara and Swift at the top of sales lists in October
    November 02. 2015

    Suzuki sales continued to grow in October. A total of 1,033 new Suzukis were registered in October, and as many as 6,082 in January–October. Suzuki had 12.61 % of the Hungarian passenger car market in the tenth month of the year.

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  • Suzuki Announces Eight More Reference Exhibits for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015
    October 28. 2015

    Suzuki Motor Corporation has added eight reference exhibits (four automobiles and four motorcycles) to its booth at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 (organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association). Suzuki has also announced technology exhibits.

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  • Suzuki launches Baleno in India
    October 26. 2015

    Suzuki Motor Corporation’s subsidiary, Maruti Suzuki India, has launched the new compact car Baleno in India, and announced its exports to the global market.

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  • Magyar Suzuki organizes kindergarten education conference in Esztergom
    October 14. 2015

    Magyar Suzuki Corporation organized a conference on kindergarten education in Esztergom on 9th October. The topics discussed in the roundtable session after the presentations included a special anti-aggression method, whose purpose is to teach children how to protect themselves from aggression and abuse already at this early age. The morning session also provided an opportunity to share theoretical knowledge and practice in a visit by children from Budapest to Esztergom’s Angyalkert Kindergarten.

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  • Suzuki at the top with Vitara
    October 01. 2015

    Since the new Vitara’s launch in March, Suzuki vehicle sales in Hungary have shown a trend of increase due to the model’s success. That has also helped the brand to regain the No. 1 position in the Hungarian vehicle market. Registration figures for Suzuki rose to 928 units, while total number of units sold in the Jan-Sept period reached 5,049. Suzuki’s market share grew to 14.8 % in September.

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  • Suzuki Announces Exhibits for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015
    September 30. 2015

    Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced its exhibits for the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 (organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association), which will be open to the public from 30 October to 8 November.

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  • Suzuki at the 66th Frankfurt Motor Show
    September 15. 2015

    At the 66th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show today, Suzuki revealed to the world for the first time ever the Baleno - a new compact hatchback that raises the bar in terms of styling, packaging and technology.

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  • Introducing the Baleno
    September 15. 2015

    When Suzuki set out to create a hatchback like none before, it first established a key guideline—hold back on nothing. The result is the Suzuki Baleno, a harmonious combination of styling that flows, superb performance achieved through ground-breaking technologies, and smart packaging.

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  • New Suzuki motorcycle dealership opens in Törökbálint
    September 12. 2015

    Suzuki’s 14th Hungarian motorcycle dealership has opened in Törökbálint. The owner of the new dealership, Suzuki Harmati, is superbike racing legend Árpád Harmati. Magyar Suzuki Corporation expects further growth of Hungary’s motorcycle market.

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  • VITARA honored with ‘Hungarian Quality Product Award’ and ‘Excellence Award’
    September 03. 2015

    Launched in March this year, Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s new model, the Vitara has been awarded the prestigious Hungarian Quality Product Award®, and has also won the Excellence in Innovation Award in the same contest. The 18th Hungarian Quality Product Award ceremony was held in the Parliament in Budapest, where Magyar Suzuki was represented by CEO Naoyuki Takeuchi and deputy CEO Dr. László Urbán.

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  • New BALENO – Suzuki’s ideal compact hatchback
    August 31. 2015

    The all-new Baleno—which will make its world premiere at the 66th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show —will raise the bar for compact hatchbacks.

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  • Suzuki BALENO hatchback to debut at 66th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show
    August 07. 2015

    The all-new Baleno, an ideal hatchback from compact-car expert Suzuki, is set to make its world premiere at the 66th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show.*

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  • Suzuki is leading again
    August 03. 2015

    Suzuki vehicle sales in Hungary shot up to an outstanding figure for July 2015 due to the success of Vitara sales as well as a winter tire campaign for the S-CROSS. Registration figures for Suzuki resulted in 472 private sales and 268 unit fleet sales totalling 740 units sold in July, while the total number of units sold in the Jan-July period reached 3,609, out of which, 1,988 units were private sales and 1,621 were fleet registration. Suzuki’s market share was 10.55 % in July.

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  • Suzuki Announces the Financial Results for FY2015 First Quarter (April 2015 to June 2015)
    August 03. 2015

    - Increased sales and operating/ordinary income

    - Decreased net income (attributable to owners of the parent)

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  • Suzuki starts production and sales of the Ertiga in Myanmar
    July 29. 2015

    Suzuki Motor Corporation’s subsidiary, Suzuki (Myamar) Motor Co., Ltd. (SMMC), has today announced start of production of three-row seven-seater MPV Ertiga. It will be on sale from the end of July at Suzuki dealers in Myanmar.

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  • Suzuki sponsors Esztergom Health Day
    June 15. 2015

    Related to the city in innumerable ways, Magyar Suzuki Corporation (MSC) was one of the sponsors of the Health Day held in Esztergom today. “Esztergom is home to many of our employees, and we take every opportunity to do something for the city,” said Viktória Ruska, MSC’s Head of Communication. “The Health Day is an event that contributes to enabling the city’s inhabitants to preserve their health,” she added.

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  • Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s statement
    June 05. 2015

    -      The General Assembly of the shareholders has decided to carry out a EUR 156 million equity decrease with compensation at Magyar Suzuki Corporation. This means that the company’s shareholders equity will be decreased by 30 %.

    -      In no way will the move have any impact on Suzuki’s production in Hungary; Magyar Suzuki will remain highly over-capitalized, and the company intends to utilize the currently dormant capital more efficiently.

    -      Suzuki Motor Corporation is a global company producing over 3 million cars yearly worldwide having several big development projects, and this fund will be used elsewhere at other projects.

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  • Suzuki develops 2-cylinder 0.8L diesel engine and launches in India
    June 03. 2015

    Suzuki Motor Corporation has developed a lightweight and compact 2-cylinder 0.8L E08A diesel engine for compact cars. This engine will be installed on the Celerio, a compact car produced and distributed in India, for launch in India.

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