You won’t believe! APRC 2.99%

Suzuki motorcycle financing from as low as 20% own contrubution, maturity up to 60 months, APRC 2,99%

You can purchase your dream Suzuki with a self contribution of as low as 20% (for up to 2.500.000 HUF), in a variable interest rate HUF financing construction of up to a 60-month maturity, with Casco insurance! APRC 2.99%

The financing offer is valid for all registrable Suzuki motorcycles

* The information is not exhaustive. Please contact our dealers for further details. Financing is provided by Merkantil Bank Zrt. in the form of a HUF-based, closed-end lease construction. The construction is subject to a compulsory, fully comprehensive Casco insurance, with Merkantil Bank Zrt. as the beneficiary.

The offer is valid until withdrawal, or until stocks are exhausted.


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