Grey import


The term grey import means the trade of commodities through sales channels not authorised by the manufacturer, the importer or its official representatives. In the case of Suzuki products in Hungary, only Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. is authorised to import products into Hungary and to organise further inland distribution.


What are the problems caused by grey import?


Quality problems

Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. ensures the quality of our products with the proper, professional storage, as well as the right transport methods and partners. With grey import, however, there is an increased probability of improper storage or transport, which can lead to product defects or malfunctions. Since grey import is often not subject to strict control, it is also possible that such products are mixed with used, damaged or faulty pieces, often from dubious origin. It has even happened several times that the serial numbers of Suzuki products from grey import have been changed, which makes it very difficult to find out whether it is used or new, whether or not they were manufactured for European markets, whether they are original or not, etc. That is, such grey import activity misleads customers.

Hidden costs

If you order from non-EU countries (e.g. Japan or China) in an official way, you must take higher shipping costs and additional purchase costs into account, due to customs clearance costs and compliance with current EU regulation.

For example, suppliers of grey-imported goods often display their prices without VAT and customs clearance costs, which makes the goods appear cheaper than those imported officially by Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. However, if you want to import a product legally into the European Economic Area, you would have to pay customs clearance fees and VAT on receipt of the goods.

Financial risk

Customers are often required to pay by advance payment for grey-imported goods and ones bought online, which is not beneficial in case of loss or transport damage. All the more so, as traders are often located outside Europe, which makes it difficult to enforce claims on them.

Problems in the enforcement of warranty and guarantee claims

If a Suzuki product is defective, customers must assert their warranty and guarantee claims against the dealer or distributor that sold it. However, as the headquarters of grey import merchants are often located in non-European countries, they are therefore not subject to the stringent consumer protection regulations of the EU. Legal steps against such entities are at best difficult, and often complicated or close to impossible.

Also, there is a risk that an online merchant who sells grey-imported goods may become insolvent. In the event of a repair you would have to bear all costs independently.


How do I know if a product comes from grey import?


It’s not only the price that has to be checked, but also the credibility of the vendor. Find out about the vendor from online sources. A simple query using a search engine or asking the importer can give an indication of the activity and integrity of a merchant. Also, a more detailed investigation of the online presence of the company can be helpful. Even when at first glance their headquarters appear to be located within Europe, it is often enough to have a look in their general terms and conditions, as the court of competent jurisdiction is noted therein.


How do I proceed when I purchase a product from grey import?


If you know that it comes from grey import, we recommend you use your return policy within a period provided for by the relevant jurisdiction. You don’t even need to give a reason for this. Request your money back, and it is best to specify a deadline. In any case, carefully keep the delivery receipt and the invoice.

Also, make sure you receive an invoice with VAT details.

The authorised Suzuki Marine Dealers in Hungary can be found on our website:

If in doubt, please let us know the model as well as the serial number, and we will gladly provide you with information. Please call our Customer Service at +36 1 236 7577 or send an email to


What are the main advantages of a properly imported product?


  • Stable importer background, constant Hungarian representation, real market presence
  • Secure, dependable and legal warranty period
  • Possibility of registration for the official warranty, along with the related possibility to apply guarantees
  • Simple and fast services from the authorised Suzuki Marine Dealer
  • Safe and professional transportation, packaging, storage and parts supply of products
  • The official ways of purchase also helps preserve European jobs


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Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. – Authorised importer of Suzuki Marine products in Hungary – Customer Information 2017.